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The Reviews Are In

Her latest album, “Shine,” has garnered positive reviews for its heartfelt and uplifting nature. Critics praise the album for its powerful vocals and emotional depth. For instance, the song “Peaceful Warriors” emphasizes love and trust, while “Sing Baby Sing” showcases resilience against negativity. “Radio” offers a more upbeat pop feel, and the title track “Shine” is described as a protest anthem that builds in intensity​ (Guitar Girl Magazine)​​ (Guitar Girl Magazine)​.


Keturah Allgood Americana Soul Singer

About Keturah Allgood

Keturah Allgood is a shining star in the world of Americana music, radiating warmth and positivity with her soulful voice and heartfelt songs. Hailing from the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, Keturah’s music is a delightful blend of folk, blues, and gospel, creating a sound that is both comforting and inspiring.
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